Spanning over two centuries with unparalleled service, Azadi Fine Rugs is steeped in tradition, authenticity and personalization. Providing exquisite rugs from antique to contemporary, tribal to elegant, as well as custom designs, each rug hand-woven knot by knot to inspire you.

The Azadi Fine Rugs story begins with rich history, passion and delight in working with clients and the design industry to transform each idea and vision into a foundation for fine living. Azadi Fine Rugs offers an inventory of over 10,000 hand-woven rugs, including contemporary, traditional, antique, as well as custom designs, each rug woven knot by knot to inspire you.

At AZADI Fine Rugs we cater to the client, the designer and the antique rug collector alike. Our first class service and deep respect recognizes the special needs of each and every client and the personal attention required to make all your dreams come true.

AZADI Fine Rugs has a cherished bond with the trade industry and works as a trusted partner with Interior Design firms across the globe. We understand that it all begins with an idea, a feeling, a vision; luxurious, elegant, and refined. Our deep appreciation for the tools of the trade, aligned with the designers trained eye for pattern, texture and color, crafts a distinctive story, matched specifically to the client and their lifestyle.

In addition to offering exquisite hand-woven area rugs, AZADI Fine Rugs provides a long list of tailored services including: Conservation and Restoration, Antique Preservation, Appraisals, Same-Day appointments, Worldwide Shipping and Delivery, Lifetime Rug Exchange, Insurance and a 24-hour Trial Period.

Finally, because of your relationship with AZADI, you are helping to create a legacy of eliminating child labor in the rug weaving industry.

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